Welcome to one of my hobbies, the WEB stuff.

This is Kurt's Web - version 3.0.  The first two versions were MS Front Page.  As Microsoft decided to kill that package, I had to adjust.  Staying with MS, I'm trying Expressions 2. My web has a few different areas.  My web authoring abilities have suffered while using FP, so the web structure will change as I get a bit better at this.

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30 May 2010 - Added photos from the Balloon Ride and Balloon Fest in Frankenmuth.

29 March 2010 - Added the HDR photos from the Michigan West Coast Trip.  HDR Photos

27 March 2010 - Added photos from last few days photo journey to Michigan's West Coast.  Lighthouse Tour

3 March 2010 - Worked on some of the UP Winter Photos - HDR.  Started an Album.

2 March 2010 - Added Photos from UP Winter Weekend.  This is first effort with Element 8.0 Photo Viewer.  There are some color differences that needed to be corrected.  Customization is not it's strong point.  Had to go code diving.

23 January 2010 - Added photos from 1997 Alaska Trip.  Changed the photos in the PhotoShuffle to be the 2009 Favorites.

16 January 2010 - Added 2009 Favorites page.

1 January 2010 - Added Photo Stitch page for photography.

29 October 2009 - Updated the Dual Sport page to use frames.  This makes it consistent with the other two main pages - Photography and Military.  During the past few days, I've been adding photos to the photo albums - mostly Favorites, HDR and Grunge Fun.

16 October 2009 - Cleaned up the code on the Default Page.  Re-attached the counter to update the visitor number.  Added two new HDR pages, one that shows the workflow and one with photos 'really enhanced' - called grunge.  it's an acquired taste.

13 October 2009 - Added photos from week in Pennsylvania.  Decent fall photos, but the sky never really cooperated. Also added is a page about HDR processing.

1 October 2009 - Started playing with a photo processing technique called HDR (High Dynamic Range). At this point, I'm using it to 'save' photos.

26 September 2009 - Added pictures from past two Higgins Lake rides.  Added one of the pictures to the Welcome banner. Added scanned pictures of UASF trip to Egypt. Added scanned pictures from my Pacific travels.

5 September 2009 - Added more new photos.

3 September 2009 - Published Military pages and photos.

29 August 2009 - Created new Favorites page.

28 August - Added more photo albums from the August 2009 page. Removed the current Favorite Photos page. Needs to be re-done.

27 August- Added the 2009 August Photo page.

16 August 2009 - Started using PhotoShops On line Gallery. To use this I had to create a FRAME page.  This will work out much better just for the picture navigation issues.

15 August 2009 - Put Carolina Birds on line.

1 August 2009 - Put SR 71 Photos on line.

26 July 2009 - Worked on photo display page.  Found a slideshow that I liked and worked it into my web.  First subject I put together are some of the better lighthouse photos I've taken.

24 July 2009 - I've found some great CSS programming for a slideshow on the Photo Index page.  The page will shuffle my favorite photos at the top of the page.  I created an opening image and started running the photos behind it.  Really neat effect.