My 10 Favorite Shots of 2009


2009 was a good year for me - speaking photographically.  On the front end - I got off the AUTO mode on the Nikon.  I worked more with speed and aperture settings.  The results often were 'interesting', but I can say I learned a lot.  On the back end, my processing now includes (Photomatix) HDR.  I couldn't be happier.  For the most part it does help me get the right colors, tones, highlights and shadows.  For those shots I can not save and the subject is good - Grunge to the rescue.  It is an acquired taste.  Last and not least, I started playing with photo-stitching.
I was fortunate to have opportunities for good shots at LeMazot and the August trips to north Carolina and the UP.  Although none of the freighter shots made the top ten, they are a favorite subject.  I took lots of shots in the wood while doing the off road riding - but I need to get a better subject grip.  Technically they are good, but I just can't get the story out of them.  Room for improvement.
2010 could be a good year as well.  We have a June trip to New England planned.  I'd like to get out to the Welland Canal for a day or two of exploring and freighter opportunities.  And at some points of the year - we will get back to LeMazot.


Bird on a Rope
Barn in Fall
LeMazot - Fall Grunge
Beer Bottles
Holiday Gazebo
Bird on a Ferry
Ice Buckets - Alternative
Lake Superior Driftwood - Grunge
Laurel Mountain Chair in Fall - Grunge
Crisp Point Lighthouse